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Every single UCONN player got at least 10 minutes. We shot 50% from 3, led of course, by the freshmen. They were 8-12!! Give TMU credit - after scoring 9 points in the first half, they scored 17 in the 3rd quarter. You know this game will help them down the road in their league. FT shooting terrible.

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It gave Duke time to set up and pressure the ball. A couple of quick baskets might have given UCONN some breathing room. Reactions: MSGRET, JellyBean, CleverLiz and 1 other person. maple. Joined Mar 12, 2017 Messages 1,183 Reaction Score 7,499. Mar 30, 2024 ... Boneyard Style Terms and rules;Feb 16, 2024 · In reality, I'll probably use DK's insured parlay on Marquette +7.5 + Marquette Over their point total + UConn Under their point total. I also plan to wait for us to take an early lead and get Marquette +10.5 live so that even if they foul us at the end they'll still cover.UConn recruiting only Thread drifts will be deleted Please start a new thread for general discussion... Menu. Forums. New posts Search forums. What's new. ... Sluconn Husky #1 Source of Info. Joined May 22, 2014 Messages 17,139 Reaction Score 73,572. Dec 1, 2023 #2UConn Men's Basketball Forum . Congratulations to one of the best UConn teams of all time. Thread starter dogpause; Start date Mar 16, 2024; Status Not open for further replies. D. dogpause. Joined Aug 27, 2011 Messages 1,873 Reaction Score ... Boneyard Style Terms and rules;With UConn's win last night, they're back in the prestigious FF. ... So, I'm super happy that Geno listened to the Boneyard residents, because he knows we are his unpaid assistants . Reactions: todbo, Henry, Terrierdog and 7 others. CTrefugee. Joined Apr 6, 2016 Messages 687 Reaction Score 2,569. Apr 2, 2024 #152

Posted in other thread too but surprised there hasn't been any linkage to Cade Tyson. All MVC player from Belmont, 6'7, over 16 PPG & shot it 46.5% from 3 on good volume. Really efficient player. Maybe the staff doesn't want the overlap with Stewart/Karaban, but the kid is a stud. UNC & Duke now involved too tho, maybe UConn jumps in late.

42-point lead 31-48 (64.6%) FG 12-19 (63.2%) 3FG 23 assists to 8 turnovers 32-20 rebounding advantage 11 combined steals & blocks 12 turnovers forced 14-47 (29.8%) FG allowed 12 personal fouls committed Xavier's a decent team -- 34th in Kempom. I've been watching UConn basketball for 40 years...Now Uconn WCBB team is loaded with freshmen, 2 Seniors with 4 years of experience, one with off and on game time--with injures--albeit with tremendous talent, an undersized Senior post, a bench of walking or almost walking wounded. over worked Seniors and 4 technically or actual freshmen--All that's holy I'm thankful for those Frosh.

Just so tired of the cheap shots UConn players have to endure. As was posted, no consequences so teams will continue to play "beat up UConn players". Maybe it's time for UConn to get an enforcer - someone who won't mind being ejected for hammering someone on the other team. Bottom line we won, by a lot. But Q2 and the start of Q3 was not pretty.UConn President Radenka Maric outlined several pressing capital needs to legislators in late March. Most of the new investments would support science, technology, engineering and mathematics programs, including construction of a new science facility and renovations to the Gant Science complex on the main campus in Storrs.UConn women's basketball must be in a sad state if some of us are celebrating the fact that an opposing player will miss a regular season game. Make no mistake, SC has four bench players who are as good as any other sixth woman in the country. If there was ever a team that could do without their leading scorer for one game, …Apr 17, 2024 · UConn is 0-4 vs Kansas. Got absolutely drubbed in the mid 90s, 88-59 followed the next year by a respectable 74-66. There was the 8 vs 1 game where UConn lost 73-61 and most recently 69-65. I don't care when or where, I want a shot at Kansas, time to get that monkey off UConns back. Beyond the obvious, what notch do you want for UConn?

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2023 QB Tucker McDonald details his decision to commit to UConn. Reactions: huskymedic. uchusky32. Joined Aug 26, 2011 Messages 5,607 Reaction Score 15,898. Jul 7, 2022 #24 Welcome to the Pound, Tucker! huskymedic. ... Boneyard Style Terms and rules;

I accept easily paragraph 1 and 3. 2 gives this "homey" a bit of a heart burn. NO absolutely no you are NOT wrong. But this being a UCONN Womens site, even reality suggests: With the return of Every injured player being 100 percent, I suggest (possible, not likely) except IMO SC Uconn could do very well/win against nearly all others.Struggle no more: consider a UConn grad going to law school at Kansas. Hey, that's the guy who taught me the word "loyalier" that you're talking about. It's bad enough that Brooklyn native Neil Diamond fills Fenway.While my expectations were reset a bit due to the ND game, but in any game against all but SC and Stanford, I would bet UConn to win. While trying not to over evaluate Huskies or under appreciate other team's skills, I view UConn' starting 5 to be better. Up to Geno to coach around some of the Huskie's warts."UConn was one of the first programs to express interest after he decided to enter the portal on April 17." ... I hope you become a regular visitor here on the BoneYard. Reactions: Mister P, 444JR, bjc42 and 7 others. dennismenace ONE MORE CAST. Joined Apr 19, 2015 Messages 3,097 Reaction Score 8,553. May 1, 2024 #312UConn basketball | UConn football | UConn Basketball recruiting | UConn football recruiting | UConn Hockey | UConnfanBarring a miracle, Wash against coming back, which sets up a UConn-Syracuse final. Not having KLS will weaken our press breaking a bit, as she has size and good passing ability. Though we do at least still have Stew & Tuck to help with that. UConn has the athleticism to play uptempo with...

I love how she appreciated that UConn coaches kept things real in their contact with her. Other recruits have said the same. It is a winning formula and simple: be real, tell the truth. Reactions: UConnFanMSM, mainerhuski, FormerCTrez and 2 others. F. FormerCTrez. Joined Jun 6, 2021 Messages 1,055 Reaction Score 4,130.The Marquette vs UConn matchup is set to be an exciting clash between two talented college basketball teams. As fans eagerly await the game, it’s important to take a closer look at...UConn Women's Basketball Forum . YOUR UConn Huskies! Thread starter HuskyNan; Start date Nov 28, 2022; HuskyNan You Know Who. Joined Aug 15, 2011 Messages 22,744 Reaction Score 171,018. Nov 28, 2022 #1 Reactions: Dabber, From France, SqueaksFan ... Boneyard Style Terms and rules; K. kidfrom360. Joined Jan 22, 2023 Messages 209 Reaction Score 1,436. Apr 1, 2023 #2 ... Does UConn have any 6 ft 5 inch or above players coming in next this fall? of next year. donalddoowop Who put the Bop in the Bop Shoo Bop? Joined Oct 5, 2015 is ranked #33 in the Basketball category and #102986 globally in August 2023. Get the full Analytics and market share drilldown here ... uconn football | uconn basketball recruiting | uconn football recruiting | uconn hockey | uconnfan. Global Rank #102,986. 38,340. Country Rank #18,131. 5,826. United States.Hopefully Castle and Clingan can be impact players because UConn has only 1 guy with that potential in the NBA right now under 30 and that's Hawkins. Reactions: Mr. French and Tenspro2002. T. Tenspro2002. Joined Aug 27, 2011 Messages 16,256 ... Boneyard Style Terms and rules;

18,146. Mar 16, 2024. #9. Marquette is good enough to beat us straight up, even without Kolek, if we don’t play out A game. With that said, we are also good enough to win this game by 20+ points, especially without Kolek. So I guess by that logic, the 10 point spread makes sense… there really isn’t an outcome of tonight’s game that ...

UConn 2023-2024 Women’s Hockey East Championship>NCAA Frozen Four (Thursday 3/14/24 vs. Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs @7pm ET in Columbus, OH on BIG10+) JeannoCT Mar 9, 2024You can release these metrics behind closed doors, without much of an argument behind it. Numbers definitely provide a coarse differentiation between certain tiers of teams. But ask any analyst to say with a straight face that Houston and Arizona are better than this UConn team. (I mean, I guess Karl Malone did win an mvp over Jordan)A week later, UConn will host Harvard in a second "secret scrimmage" that is closed off to the media and general public." Dan Hurley, UConn men's basketball team have more trophy goals: 'We want to win as many as we can'Men UConn & 2024 Big East Baseball Tourney @Prasco Park, Mason Ohio (5/22>5/25). Gms on BEDN/FloSports. Audio on MIXLR, Fox Sports 97.9 & the Varsity AppUConn Women's Basketball Forum . UConn in the WNBA. Thread starter BRS24; Start date May 3, 2024; 1; 2; 3 … Go to page. Go. 8; Next. 1 of 8 Go to page. Go. Next Last. BRS24 LisaG. Joined Aug 26, 2011 Messages 4,057 Reaction Score 24,391. May 3, 2024 #1 A thread ... Boneyard Style Terms and rules;This forum is for fans to discuss UConn's 11 National Championships; UConn women's basketball recruiting; Coach Geno Auriemma; music; trivia, etc. Menu. Forums. New posts Search forums. What's new. ... Music threads, off-season & other Boneyard boards. HuskyNan; Apr 8, 2024; Replies 1 Views 1K.UConn Women's Basketball Forum . UConn is the only one. Thread starter HuskyNan; Start date Mar 24, 2024; HuskyNan You Know Who. Joined Aug 15, 2011 Messages 24,770 Reaction Score 198,574. Mar 24, 2024 #1 Interesting stat. I would never have guessed ... Boneyard Style Terms and rules;So far I've gotten into Pitt and UCONNs business schools and am waiting to here back from Michigan--Ann Arbor--, Villanova, Maryland, and Syracuse. However, getting into UCONN has pretty much cut the cuse from my list. I would prob go to Michigan if you got in but would strongly consider...

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But after a tight first quarter, UCONN seemed to adjust and kept the pressure on defensively while continuing with the hot shooting pretty much all game. Butler didn't wilt tho. Outscored 10-2 to start Q4, they battled back a bit, only to have the hammer dropped back on them, then they battled some more - right to the end.

Lol, lucky UConn doesn't force fans to buy football tickets for the right to purchase basketball tickets, hope this doesn't give the AD any ideas... Reactions: TheRealKBuks, jdp89ct, EZPass and 1 other person. WrenchFan69. Joined Jul 1, 2016 Messages 3,878 Reaction Score 19,764. Dec 21, 202342-point lead 31-48 (64.6%) FG 12-19 (63.2%) 3FG 23 assists to 8 turnovers 32-20 rebounding advantage 11 combined steals & blocks 12 turnovers forced 14-47 (29.8%) FG allowed 12 personal fouls committed Xavier's a decent team -- 34th in Kempom. I've been watching UConn basketball for 40 years...However, I'm also interested to see how UConn fares against better quality non conference opponents, plus see how much offense they generate in Big East play. Still, also to remember that this is the first season for the new coach, and he is mostly working with players who came into the soccer program under Ray Reid.UConn Men's Basketball Forum . UConn is family. Thread starter AJR2626; Start date Feb 29, 2024; A. AJR2626. Joined Nov 27, 2018 Messages 18 Reaction Score 24. Feb 29, 2024 #1 Still keep in touch with lot of them. It's friends you make along the way. ... Boneyard Style Terms and rules;Prior to UConn nearly all of these players were their teams' go-to player when a bucket was needed. So when fatigue and stress built up, we saw a lot of one-on-one plays and less UConn trademark team basketball. The key going forward is to ensure the UConn way is the "base" state.Enrolled in draft kings vermont launch promo and put $100 in free bets on UConn +1300 . Reactions: Hans Sprungfeld, Letsgohuskies11 and XLCenterFan. Doctor Hoop Prescribing Hardwood Excellence. Joined Jan 29, 2016 Messages 2,559 Reaction Score ... Boneyard Style Terms and rules;Texas: Property of UConn Men's Basketball program. Joined Aug 25, 2011 Messages 12,447 Reaction Score 42,721. May 6, 2024 #70 LStudfellow said: Can we please stop talking as if George Mason definitively stopped us from winning the national championship in 2006? This is absolutely revisionist history. ... Boneyard Style Terms and rules;Yes, or the guy reads the Boneyard. "The Huskies historically like to play small ball" :rolleyes: No, the Huskies have been forced to play small ball due to injuries. Has this guy never heard of Kara Wolters, Jess Moore, Kelly Schumacher, Christine Rigby, Brittany Hunter, Tina Charles, Kiah...UConn Men's 2023-2024 Schedule (SO FAR) (please add as you find information) Date Opponent Location Source Sat, Aug 5 Le Cannet Basket (exb) Le Cannet, France UConn Athletics Mon, Aug 7 Spanish Select I (exb) Barcelona, Spain UConn Athletics Tue, Aug 8 Spanish Select II (exb)...UConn Men's 2023-2024 Schedule (SO FAR) (please add as you find information) Date Opponent Location Source Sat, Aug 5 Le Cannet Basket (exb) Le Cannet, France UConn Athletics Mon, Aug 7 Spanish Select I (exb) Barcelona, Spain UConn Athletics Tue, Aug 8 Spanish Select II (exb) As mentioned in that thread, I will be submitting a check for 10% of last years sales to Bleeding Blue For Good once my accountant has completed doing my taxes. ... great product, especially for UConn fans . Reactions: Dove and Mike-CT. M. Mike-CT. Joined Apr 12, 2023 Messages 34 Reaction Score 92. Feb 28, 2024 #4 willie99 said ...

24. Jul. Are you ready to dive into the rich history and electrifying atmosphere of uconn boneyard men’s basketball? Join as we explore the iconic UConn … Reactions: RSHERMVIKES and MilfordHusky. Charliebball ** Joined Jan 26, 2016 Messages 12,861 Reaction Score 46,082. Feb 28, 2024 ... people feel a need to put them down without seeing a single game. Maybe big kids aren’t coming to UConn because uninformed fans trash them on the Reactions: RoadMaster and Carnac. MooseJaw Bullmoose#1. Joined Aug 18, 2020 Messages 1,188 Reaction Score 5,303. Aug 1, 2022 ... The UConn work ethic is pretty much encapsulated in one question, does she play team D? This is what I haven’t seen yet from Prosper.Mar 30, 2024 · I just don't buy the "UConn could play tight here since everyone expects them to win." I could plausibly see us tightening up in a close/late-game situation where we need an individual to take over and our complicated offense isn't generating the usual looks. But there is no chance in hell that we come out tight.Instagram:https://instagram. newwestern alliance bancorporation they can't guard a simple pick and roll and don't really care about defense at all. they gotta play their goofy zone because they have no chance to guard uconn's sets. you're welcome. Reactions: elmcityboy , gsmooth , BGesus4 and 7 others last word with lawrence o The only times they sell out the building are when UConn women come to play. It has a distinct family atmosphere, lots of young girls with families, and they don't check anything at the entrance. I use the telephoto lens for action shots and the 24-70 for pics of my daughter with players after the games. poroo hab Locked On UConn Dime Back Sliders and Curveballs also has a lot of UConn content. Locked On is daily. Top Dogs, CT Scoreboard and Fast Break seem to be at least once a week. Dime Back is a few times a year maybe. All are fantastic and very well done. I guess I could also mention X Spaces after every game. Are we maxed out?Now this is the kind of game I like to see!! Went on a few patented UConn runs and played their butts off on defense, completely shutting Maryland down. Great win for everyone involved. Paige was unstoppable, but also everyone contributed! Hopefully Azzi can heal up quick, too, but thankfully the team is clicking without her too. safety shoes women Figured it would be a great time to make my first post on the Boneyard re Strong: ... Something happened that turned off the Strongs. I believe it's down to Carolina and UCONN. Reactions: maple, oldude and Zarathustra. hoopsdiva. Joined Aug 26, 2011 Messages 997 Reaction Score 6,243. Nov 13, 2023 #149 GenoWept said: jaroslava maehrische polka It is worth observing, by comparison, that UConn has six new players on the 2024 roster -- a transfer and five frosh, having lost three starters and five of the first eight players in its rotation. Add the unavailability of its starting center, and you have a team with a lot of experimentation to do in its first scrimmage. fylmhay swprsksy There was an excellent presentation on UConn Football tonight on NIL, improvements in recruiting via the transfer portal, the Rent, coaching changes, the challenges of recruiting, and how donating to bleeding blue for good actually will help UConn hopefully get to the promised land, coaching changes, etc. 73 people attended on line.How ex-UConn quarterback David Pindell's professional football journey landed him in Japan: 'Thankful' (Mike Anthony) huskymedic; Sep 28, 2023; Replies 11 Views 962. Sep 28, 2023. RSTuthill. Poll; What would you consider progress against Utah State? ... Boneyard Style Terms and rules; turkce altyazili prn UConn Women's Basketball Forum . UConn game times...back-to-back! Thread starter Blakeon18; Start date Mar 29, 2024; Blakeon18 Dormie. Joined Aug 24, 2011 Messages 4,086 Reaction Score 12,994. Mar 29, 2024 #1 Great TV viewing come Saturday ... Boneyard Style Terms and rules;The Boneyard at UConn is a large, open-air archaeological excavation site on the eastern edge of Storrs. The site was first discovered in the early 1900s, and has … Reactions: RoadMaster and Carnac. MooseJaw Bullmoose#1. Joined Aug 18, 2020 Messages 1,188 Reaction Score 5,303. Aug 1, 2022 ... The UConn work ethic is pretty much encapsulated in one question, does she play team D? This is what I haven’t seen yet from Prosper. casas en renta cerca de mi ubicacion 4 cuartos ‎The Boneyard on Apple Podcasts ... ‎Sports · 2024 zajecia z kodowania The Uconn Blog Verbal Commits This is UConn Country Field of 68 CT Scoreboard Podcasts A Dime Back Sliders and Curveballs Podcast Storrs Central Men's Basketball News Roster Schedule StandingsYager, Gray looking to gain more attention. Adam Gorney. Editor. The numbers aren't wrong on C.J. Gray. The Coatesville (Pa.) H.S. running back really is 5-foot-5 and 160 pounds. PREMIUM CONTENT. hilda furacao Interesting stat. I would never have guessed. As noted in the OP the 'round of 64' 1st round has only been around since the women's tournament expanded from 48 to 64 in 1994, thus "30 years" and '30-0' (the reason its not 31 years/31-0 is the suspended COVID year of 2020).Winsipedia - Database and infographics of Pittsburgh Panthers vs. UConn Huskies football series history and all-time records, national championships, conference championships, bowl games, wins, bowl record, All-Americans, Heisman winners, and NFL Draft picks ks bazy The glaring shock to me is the Dec 10 HOF Triple header at Mohegan Sun and the amount of tickets available which has 3 great games on tap- Florida State (who beat Tennessee last night) vs. UCLA, South Carolina vs. Utah and UConn vs. North Carolina.-UConn broke open a close game because Minnesota could not handle the Huskies depth.-Sometimes a loss serves as a wake up call. The second straight game where UConn was terrific defensively.-If Dawn Plitzuweit can recruit, she will turn Minnesota around. They are solid defensively.-UConn consistently takes away the other team’s top scorer.